CaseFund is reinventing access to justice, now.

The Problem

We are experiencing the greatest demand for legal help in human history and our current justice system isn’t equipped to cope.

This is a justice crisis.

80% of US and UK citizens have unmet legal needs


Why Now?

5  billion
live without access to justice
85 %
of American litigants are self-represented
The Solution

Crowdfunding the legal cases that matter.

CaseFund will connect litigants in social justice cases with passionate lawyers and the funding they need to navigate an overpriced legal system.

Our Vision

As  a team of passionate lawyers and technologists, we believe in the power of technology to empower everyone to use the law. That’s why we built Legaler Aid, a global nonprofit dedicated to transforming access to justice with technology. Legaler Aid is formed exclusively for the 501(c)(3) charitable and educational purposes of connecting society’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged with pro bono legal services with the goal to provide every person on the planet with a means to access the basic human right of justice. CaseFund is the first project by Legaler Aid.

How It Works

CaseFund works by enabling users to easily donate to legal cases fighting for social justice. Funds donated to cases will be directed to recovering legal fees, the costs of retaining experts, as well as other associated costs, like filing fees. 

Once users have donated, they can share the campaign, as well as keep up to date with the latest news from the case. 

Users may also donate to causes, directly funding organizations that are driving broader change in access to justice. 

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