Help Create a World Without the Death Penalty

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‘The death penalty has no place in the 21st Century.’

About the Cause

Capital punishment violates human dignity and there is no evidence to demonstrate that it is a deterrent to crime. The use of the death penalty is cruel, inhumane and inflicts suffering not just on the individual who is given the death sentence, but also on their family and on others caught up in the machinery of state killing. However, many countries around the world are still using capital punishment. Thousands of people are sentenced to death each year and many are currently at risk of execution.

Capital Punishment Justice Project (CPJP) advocates for a world without the death penalty. Founded in 2001 by two criminal barristers in Australia, CPJP provides humanitarian assistance to those at risk of execution and their families, their local lawyers, and other organisations working to challenge the death penalty. CPJP helps train the next generation of capital defence lawyers. Working in the Asia Pacific region, CPJP is part of a global movement.

Our Impact

CPJP advocates for abolition of the death penalty and provides case support to those at risk of execution and to their local advocates.

The organisation supports lawyers working on death eligible cases by providing guidance, assisting with casework and offering referrals to experts. CPJP also provides training to legal practitioners, the judiciary and other sectors to bolster their technical skills in capital defence, ultimately helping to save lives.

In addition to assisting with casework and training, CPJP works on potential litigation on strategic issues relating to the death penalty, policy work, advocacy and awareness raising. We aim to support the Australian Government, international institutions and other stakeholders to help ensure that their policies to challenge the use of the death penalty are effectively implemented.

In partnership with Monash University, in 2018 we created Eleos Justice, the region’s leading academic hub for evidence-based research, policy and clinical case-work devoted to restricting and abolishing the death penalty. CPJP is able to convert rigorous research carried out by Eleos Justice into impactful outcomes through advocacy to challenge the death penalty.

Your Donation

Donations to CPJP will be directed towards capacity to support and implement casework, strategic litigation, advocacy work, policy work and educational outreach. Donations will also support costs associated with this work including translation of case briefs, court fees, and humanitarian support for those whose cases we assist on.

By donating, you are upholding Human Rights and helping to create a world without the death penalty.

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