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‘Mediation is about a profound quest for justice’

About the Cause

For many, access to the courts system is an unfamiliar notion. Fraught with issues of affordability, time delays and legal complexities, it is not an easy avenue to pursue justice. However, this does not mean that conflicts should be left unresolved.

Alternative conflict resolution bridges the access to justice gap. More affordable, more accessible and requiring less formalities, mediation services are an invaluable way to resolve legal problems. For many, these services are the difference between protecting rights and being forced to endure unjust circumstances.

A leader in alternate conflict resolution services is the CoRe Conflict Resolution Society. CoRe was established by law students from the University of British Columbia to provide mediation services to the community. More recently, the organisation has expanded to provide education on conflict resolution topics and aims to enhance knowledge of collaborative decision-making processes.

Our Impact

CoRe works to educate mediators to help develop their conflict resolution skills. They provide mentorship processes to current mediators, and help with co-mediations.

CoRe releases a video series discussing conflict resolution in a variety of situations. The aim is to mentor new mediators and ensure they have the adequate skills to deal with conflicts in any circumstance, including family, estate planning and housing disputes. With this knowledge, mediators are able to effectively handle all types of conflicts.

Your donation

Your donation will help provide affordable mediation and conflict resolution services to communities and non-profit organizations throughout British Columba. You will also be supporting CoRe in providing dispute resolution training services for law students at the University of British Columbia, enabling them with the ability to provide these invaluable services now and in the future.

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