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“Whistleblowers Are Our Last Line Of Defense”
About Us

Whistleblower Aid is a pioneering, non-profit legal organization that helps patriotic government employees and brave, private-sector workers report and publicize concerns—safely, lawfully, and responsibly. It was founded by John N. Tye, a whistleblower himself. From 2011 to 2014, Tye discovered the National Security Agency was exploiting a legal loophole to collect Americans’ online communications as part of his role as Internet Freedom Section Chief at the U.S. Department of State. He engaged lawyers to help him undergo the lawful reporting process. This culminated in meetings with the State Department and Congress and Senate committees, as well as a public statement given to the U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.

Now, through Whistleblower Aid, Tye is committed to helping others to do the same. It is founded on a belief that whistleblowers play an important role in protecting us from lawbreaking that we would otherwise never learn about.

Our Impact

Whistleblower Aid provides legal advice to government employees and private-sector workers on navigating the daunting reporting process in a lawful manner, providing an alternative to illicit leaking. This professional legal advice is always confidential, but never ideological or partisan. It is provided free of charge, unless there is a monetary reward to be collected. This allows whistleblowers to confidently uphold their obligations and protect the public, without risking their careers or freedom.

Your Donation

Funds donated to Whistleblower Aid will be directed to funding critical professional legal advice as well as outreach initiatives design to broaden Whistleblower Aid’s impact.

By donating, you are maintaining a critical element of the democratic process. You are giving the opportunity to more whistleblowers to come forward, and helping to keep the institutions that impact our lives—from governments to giant technology companies—accountable.


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