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Terrance Bridges was Killed by Kansas City Police. Now his Family Seeks Justice.

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The Case

Terrance Bridges moved to Kansas City in the spring of 2018 in the hopes to provide a life away from the violence of Chicago. Instead, less than a year after moving to Kansas City he was met with a tragic and violent death.

On May 26, 2019 Terrance Bridges was shot and killed by an officer of the Kansas City Police Department. Officers were called to the residence of Terrance and his girlfriend after 911 calls were made saying there was a disturbance in the street. When Officers arrived at the scene, they were met by Terrance’s girlfriend who told them that she had been robbed, her car had been stolen, and the person had a gun. She then informed officers that the man had gone to the greyhound station to go back to Chicago. At no time did the officers ask her if she knew the man.

While two Officers went to retrieve the vehicle, one Officer stayed to retrieve the title of the vehicle with Mr. Bridge’s girlfriend. While they were retrieving the title, Terrance walked down the street and his girlfriend identified. The Officer then began pursuing Terrance and shot him in the chest. The time that the Officer began pursuing Terrance and the time he shot him was less than 28 seconds. Terrance was unarmed at the time.

The Officer who shot and killed Terrance never identified himself as an officer, never gave any commands, and conducted little to no investigation at the scene. The Officer has stated that he has no idea whether Terrance saw him prior to pointing his gun at him. It took two minutes and forty-two seconds between the officer arriving at scene until he shot and killed an unarmed man.

Terrance Bridges was only 30 years old at the time he was shot and killed. Terrance Bridges has left behind his mother, father, and his twelve and fourteen-year-old sons. He spoke with his mother and sons daily. The loss to his family is a real and significant loss. His sons will not have a father. His mother and father lost a son.


Tom Porto

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