Open Door Legal: The Impact

Open Door Legal: The Impact

Founded upon the firm belief that universal access to civil legal representation is possible, Open Door Legal are the leaders of providing legal aid in San Francisco. Their goal is to reduce poverty by providing access to legal help for low-income individuals. Focusing on civil law, including areas of housing, employment and immigration, Open Door Legal is now a pioneer in providing universal legal aid and helping the fight against poverty.

At first, the founders, Adrian and Virginia, were inundated with requests for help. Like a general hospital, they were the sole point of access to legal representation and advice for many people. With persistence, funding grants and the firm belief that the law belongs to everyone, Open Door Legal has grown into a legal aid model that can be replicated nationally.

With three legal centres in San Francisco and plans to extend even further to provide universal access to legal help, Open Door Legal has achieved its fair share of milestones.

As of 2020, the organisation has helped 2123 clients, prevented 161 evictions and has kept 300 families safe. Open Door Legal has secured safe housing for 116 people, recovered $803 000 in workplace awards and has cancelled $306 000 of debt.

These aren’t just statistics. They connect to the people who have had their lives changed for the better. They are people who have avoided financial hardship, had their rights protected in the workplace and now have a roof over their heads. Spanning from consumer law, to immigration, to housing and employment, Open Door Legal serves as the channel to justice for the community of San Francisco. They have helped people in ways immeasurable by statistics.

The work of Open Door Legal is vital for low-income individuals. They have been protected from cycles of poverty and instability. You can help their cause by donating here now.

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