RACS: Advocates for Dignity

RACS: Advocates for Dignity

A voice for the voiceless, the Refugee Advice and Casework Service, or RACS, is a prominent advocate for refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. The organisation regularly lobbies the Australian government to prioritise dignity and compassion in its immigration policies.

In Australia, refugees and asylum seekers are held for an indefinite period in immigration detention centres, leaving them uncertain of their future and languishing in a state of perpetual limbo. Many of these individuals have risked their lives to escape persecution and conflict only to face the possibility of being sent back to danger. 

That’s why RACS is committed to pushing for a refugee status determination process which is compassionate and fair, respects the rule of law and treats people with dignity. The organisation advocates for reform of the legal processes concerning refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.

RACS lobbies the Australian government to adopt a more compassionate approach to immigration by providing comments on draft legislation, policies, procedures and other regulatory instruments. The organisation also makes direct representations to governments and politicians, as well as prepares submissions to government inquiries and reviews of immigration policies.

RACS also pursues legal measures to achieve their goal for change. The organisation helps clients complain to the United Nations, the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Commonwealth Ombudsman regarding Australia’s harsh treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.

RACS exposes harmful and unjust policy and promotes just solutions. Unflinching in the face of the Australian Government’s refusal to change current practices, RACS is devoted to securing dignity for refugees and asylum seekers all on their own. With no federal government funding support, RACS relies on donations and grants. You can help by donating here now.

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